Monday, July 24, 2006

在你心中有这样的一个人吗?Do you have this person in your heart?

在你心中有这样的一个人吗?Do you have this person in your heart?
你们可能相爱过,你们也可能喜欢着彼此,May be both of you were couple before, or loving each other
但是,为了什么原因你们没能在一起?But for what reason not able to be together?
也许他为了朋友之间的义气,不能追你。May be because of friendship “Yi Hei”, therefore cannot go after you.
也许为了顾及家人的意见 ,你们没有在一起。May be is because care about family opinions, so not able to be together..
也许为了出国深造,他没有要你等他。May be because need to pursue study in overseas; he/she does not want you to wait for him/her.
也许你们相遇太早,还不懂得珍惜对方。May be meet each other too early, so do not know how to appreciate each other.
也许你们相遇太晚,你们身边已经有了另一个人。May be meet each other too late, both already attached.
也许你回头太迟,对方已不再等待。May be “look back” too late, he/she no longer waiting for you.
也许你们彼此在捉摸对方的心,而迟迟无法跨出界线。May be both also understand each other, but no matter how also not able to step forward..

But even though never been together, both of you still remain as friend. But you all understand that, to him/her, you will more caring as compare to other friends.Even though both of you cannot hold hand in public, you all still can become soul mate. He/She has target, verbally you will promise to help to go after that person, from bottom of your heart you clearly know that you do not hope he/ she did it..

when he/she in trouble, you will try to help, would not request for any reward. When girl/boyfriend jealous, you will try to tell them that “we are just friend”, but in your heart you are so unsure.
Every human in their life, there is a special friend in their heart, this is so dilemma.
From starting, you already not willing to just become friend, but as times goes by, suddenly you feel that is better in this way.

你宁愿这样关心他, 总好过你们在一起而有天会分手。You rather to care him/her in this way, than together then end up with break off.
你宁愿做他的朋友,彼此不会吃醋,才可以真的无所不谈。You willing to become his/ her friend, no jealousy between each other, then only can be soul mate.
特别是这样,你还是知道,他永远会关心你的。做不成男女朋友,当他那个特别的朋友,有什么不好呢?你心中的这个特别的朋友...? 是谁呢?很多的感情,都因为一厢情愿,最后连朋友都当不成了,常常觉得惋惜,可惜一些本来很好的友情,最后却因为对方的一句喜欢你,如果你没有反应,这一段友情似乎也难以维持下去,这也难怪有些人会因此不肯踏出这一步。
Especially like this, you know he/she will forever care about you. Not able to become couple, become his/ her special friend better rite? Who is your special friend in your heart? A lot of feeling, always because of tepuk sebelah tangan, end up fail to become even friend. Always feel damn wasted, also some of the best friend just because of a word “I love you”, the other side no response, these relationship is like not able to continue, this also because why some of them not even want to move this step.

因为这就像是一场赌注,表白了之后不是成了男女朋友,要不就连朋友都当不成了。有些事不是你能预料的,或许对方不在意,你们还可以是朋友,但却已经不如从前的好。也是可惜,也是遗憾!但还有没有可能是另一种情况,你可能永远都不甘心只是朋友. . . .
Love is just like gambling, after approaching is either becomes couple or no more friend. Is not everything you also able to forecast, may be that person do not mind, then still can become friend, but it would not be as good as usual. What a sad thing.


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