Monday, March 27, 2006

Power of 3

Wei all uncles & aunties... what so fun to tag people la:(.... & why 4.. can i change to 3 because i damn pantang one... haha.. for those who kena tagged by me hoh, easier abit, instead of 4 u only need to vomit out 3. Ok let's start.

4 jobs you've had in your life:
FunFair - last time use to have Fun Fair at wangsa square area (last time there is a empty place ma). So my first job was a worker at one of the ping pong ball counter (neh there was steel net & let u throw in ping pong ball one leh, if went thru the hole u got one packet drink). Dun play play, after few days worked there, police jotted down all our underage workers name & reported to our school teacher said that we involved in gambling (13/14 yrs old saje at that time, police said fun fair is one type of gamble). So apa lagi, kena scold gao gao from head master & discipline teacher la:(.

TARC - As temporary assistant(TA) in bursary department during F5 & F6 (waiting for result). Need to do simple account, data entry for student's vehicle details, filling and fees payment. What i like the most is FRIDAY, because we can have long hour lunch. But after working in TARC, i promise myself not to enter this college because i know alot of bad things in there, but i did apply after F6 as back up...takut cannot enter UNI ma... hahaha.:D

JAYA JUSCO - While waiting for F6 result also, work as ELBA promoter, after sales time work as BONIA UOMO promoter. What a tiring job, need to stand there for 8 - 10 hours. Siao one meh:(. Luckily the supervisor also there good la, let me sit in the store room if not many customer, hee...

MACROKIOSK - Hey this is my first job after graduation till now. I start as Multimedia designer. After almost a year, i changed to technology development as engineer. After working as engineer for 2 and a half year i think, I changed again to regional business development as a consultant. Geng leh! Dun think that everytime i change dept, my salary will increase, the answer is NO and my salary now also not as high as u all:).

4 movies you could watch over and over:
Madacasgar - emm, not purposely watch over and over. I watched it in cinema once, but sometimes my family watch VCD at home ma. Today mama watch, tml papa watch & the next day brother watch, then end up i watch multiple time lo:D.

Dark Water - Hmm this one i watched twice. First time i watched with famili at home, second time because friends suggested to go for movie then i ma go lo, when reached cinema all said wanna watch "Dark Water", then wat can i do??? Then ma "siong cheh (naik kereta)" liao lo.

魔法阿妈 - This is a taiwanese animation. Damn funny & nice to watch. Is talking about ghost month. My fren recommend to me, i also recommend to famili member. If you have not watched it, please get it NOW!

Never Ending Story - this is another nice movie. What i can remember about this story is the flying dog:). Whoever have this movie, please rent to me ok:D. Feel to watch it again la:).

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:

绿墙薇 - Emm, recently show at TV8 at 8.30pm. I think finished liao la on last friday.
最后之舞- Korean drama show at NTV7 9.30pm.
横行八道 - Nice show is talking about lifestyle in small village & how they survive in earning money.
纪录片(Documentary) - As long as is talk about animal then i will watch:).

4 places you've lived:

PJ Kampung Dalam - I was staying there since age 5 - 8. Recently went back for the first time after i left for almost 20 yrs, surprisingly i still manage to get there & found my little wooden house.
Wangsa Maju Sec1 - I like to stay there even is small. This place is very convinient to everywhere. There is lrt station, bus to KL, walking distance to eat place & shopping center. Damn syiok.
Bangi - Stayed there during UNI time, i wish i still staying there because can enjoy my life there. No worries, everyday happy day, everynite also yum cha with all my lovely friends. What a wonderful life.
Prima Setapak - Hmm this is my current stay place. Nothing special, everything seems ok but how come i need to take bus to reach LRT station:(. This is what i dun like.

4 places you've been vacation to:
Hmmm... my vacation all local one leh... sidan la, taruk saje
Redang Island - Went there with a group of friends. Clear water, colorful fishy, fine sands, attractive sceneries. Will visit there again in coming JULY :).
Bangkok - Just like "dragonfly dip water 蜻蜓点水", too rush for me to explore. But i know if i have chance to there again, i definately will go jatujak market again. You can get whatever u like over there.
Kuantan - telok cempedak, cherating, curry puff, water fall, turtle, hainan coffee, keropok ikan... these are the must go or eat in kuantan.
Langkawi - Went there twice, nothing much to see & eat. I just know can get alot of cheap wine, chocolate & cigar saje.

4 places you would rather be:
Home - If no one kacao me:D.
Disco - Good place for me to exercise.
Beach - Relaxing my mind.
mamak - Place to update myself.

4 of your favourite food:
sweetcorn - Corn in cup/ cameron sweet corn, yummy.

ice cream - I wonder how can a person dun like ice cream one, cannot imagine.
芋头扣肉 (Yam with pork) - i like mama cook one, outside one still can't compete.
花生烧肉骨粥 (peanut with xiu yok bone porridge) - only papa masak one is the best, wah now also feel hungry liao.

4 websites you visit daily:
google - find info ma.

froggie-paradise blog - nowadays will always come in & see anyone put in comment or not. At the same time, visit ohters also la.
hey, u think boss pay u to visit website one ah. So that's all i visit. Guai-leh.:D

4 tagged:
Kancil (cause she has not put on hers)
poonsterx (sorry la hah, since u have no idea what to write. What u need to do is, just follow la:))

wei no more people for me to tag liao. Itu saje la. I wanna ooi ooi liao. Dun wan siao with u all liao. Oh no, how come i write power of 4 instead of 3 as i said earlier on. Hmmm.. i think is because i sleepy liao. nite nite frenz.


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