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在你心中有这样的一个人吗?Do you have this person in your heart?

在你心中有这样的一个人吗?Do you have this person in your heart?
你们可能相爱过,你们也可能喜欢着彼此,May be both of you were couple before, or loving each other
但是,为了什么原因你们没能在一起?But for what reason not able to be together?
也许他为了朋友之间的义气,不能追你。May be because of friendship “Yi Hei”, therefore cannot go after you.
也许为了顾及家人的意见 ,你们没有在一起。May be is because care about family opinions, so not able to be together..
也许为了出国深造,他没有要你等他。May be because need to pursue study in overseas; he/she does not want you to wait for him/her.
也许你们相遇太早,还不懂得珍惜对方。May be meet each other too early, so do not know how to appreciate each other.
也许你们相遇太晚,你们身边已经有了另一个人。May be meet each other too late, both already attached.
也许你回头太迟,对方已不再等待。May be “look back” too late, he/she no longer waiting for you.
也许你们彼此在捉摸对方的心,而迟迟无法跨出界线。May be both also understand each other, but no matter how also not able to step forward..

But even though never been together, both of you still remain as friend. But you all understand that, to him/her, you will more caring as compare to other friends.Even though both of you cannot hold hand in public, you all still can become soul mate. He/She has target, verbally you will promise to help to go after that person, from bottom of your heart you clearly know that you do not hope he/ she did it..

when he/she in trouble, you will try to help, would not request for any reward. When girl/boyfriend jealous, you will try to tell them that “we are just friend”, but in your heart you are so unsure.
Every human in their life, there is a special friend in their heart, this is so dilemma.
From starting, you already not willing to just become friend, but as times goes by, suddenly you feel that is better in this way.

你宁愿这样关心他, 总好过你们在一起而有天会分手。You rather to care him/her in this way, than together then end up with break off.
你宁愿做他的朋友,彼此不会吃醋,才可以真的无所不谈。You willing to become his/ her friend, no jealousy between each other, then only can be soul mate.
特别是这样,你还是知道,他永远会关心你的。做不成男女朋友,当他那个特别的朋友,有什么不好呢?你心中的这个特别的朋友...? 是谁呢?很多的感情,都因为一厢情愿,最后连朋友都当不成了,常常觉得惋惜,可惜一些本来很好的友情,最后却因为对方的一句喜欢你,如果你没有反应,这一段友情似乎也难以维持下去,这也难怪有些人会因此不肯踏出这一步。
Especially like this, you know he/she will forever care about you. Not able to become couple, become his/ her special friend better rite? Who is your special friend in your heart? A lot of feeling, always because of tepuk sebelah tangan, end up fail to become even friend. Always feel damn wasted, also some of the best friend just because of a word “I love you”, the other side no response, these relationship is like not able to continue, this also because why some of them not even want to move this step.

因为这就像是一场赌注,表白了之后不是成了男女朋友,要不就连朋友都当不成了。有些事不是你能预料的,或许对方不在意,你们还可以是朋友,但却已经不如从前的好。也是可惜,也是遗憾!但还有没有可能是另一种情况,你可能永远都不甘心只是朋友. . . .
Love is just like gambling, after approaching is either becomes couple or no more friend. Is not everything you also able to forecast, may be that person do not mind, then still can become friend, but it would not be as good as usual. What a sad thing.

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Xiao Ming Write Essay

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Business Trip in Philippines

05 April 2006

Early in the morning at 9am, took KLIA Limo to airport from my house alone. Since I was the first customer to the LIMO driver, so end up I pay RM62 + RM4.40 (all in coins). Who cares since he was fine with it.

Got down from the LIMO, passed by the moneychanger and tell you what, KLIA RHB bank can get better rate (RM7.52 for 100 Peso) as compare with moneychanger in KLIA. A bit sad cause already changed in Ampang Park with rate RM7.55 (After bargaining with the boss).

Today consider lucky, can have window view seat, so when the flight took off, I can see a nice view of Selangor, all the palm oil farm looks different front top. Another nice view was the flight in the middle of the cloud, I really felt like floating on wool world, if can I want to feel the feeling of hugging it, must be fantastic (if possible la:p). From KLIA (1215) to Manila airport (1600) is around 4 hours with Boeing 737 (small and sempit plane.. haha), everything seems fine. But trying to land that time, the plane like tergesa-gesa mao landing and hit the lane and tak sempat break, YO!!!! Like riding roller coaster in Genting, I heard a girl screams also..kaka. Hmm, when the moment I stepped in Manila airport, the thing appeared in my mind was “HAH, SO ULU, not even can compete with our old Subang airport. Then of course we went to look for our Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taxi, again the waiting room do not have air-con and outside weather is hitting 34 Celsius, what the heck!!! HOT AHH!!!!

Finally check-in to our hotel in Makati city, not as bad as kok wooi mentioned, overall is quite good but the spa service is super expensive man, cheapest is 1600 peso for 30 minutes body scrubs, so still thinking want to have a try on it or not before we back to Malaysia. Just rest for a while, me and christabel ran out for shopping at near by mall, Henry even though was tired but terpaksa ikut la. Actually we planed to go Glorietta but end up we went to Landmark (Macam old Giant Hypermarket) cause sesat. HAHA… Weird thing happen, how come has male & female entrance one aiyoyo which just next to each other but will come out at the same place…. Since we were in Landmark, we fast fast went to find snack to feed our stomach while waiting for Henry’s friend (Maria) come to meet us at 2030 in GreenBelt. Guess what we have?? Jollibee.. akekekeke… this is so called best fast food in Phillipines and some said USA.
Hahahaha…. After that we ma go to get some dry mango for all the monkeys in company lo hoh, wah really have in landmark, me and christabel so damn the happy & count how many we need to buy. 5 for me, 5 for her, 5 for Henry, 5 for Yeekin already 20 packets. Then we decided to have 5 also for company, happy happy put 25 packets in a baskets like so poh then end up Henry said buy one first la for tonight .. tomorrow only come to buy again. So we ma leave the basket over there without putting it back:p. We also seeing salted egg in the market, which Malaysia one is black in color but Phillipines one is purple.

We round and round and round to find the way to Greenbelt. For your information, all the shopping malls here are linked with sky bridge like our SG.Wang area but here of course nicer. But the air pollution here is quite serious, as well as sound pollutions. They fully utilize their horn one, suka suka horn suka suka horn, damn noisy & make you scared if you not Filipino, if you were the driver (Left side) I think you will damn frustrated. We able to meet Maria at Sentro Restaurant in GreenBelt3 for dinner. After the dinner she took us for a ride in Manila. She accidentally took the wrong turn so we have chance to have a look in real Manila or old Manila, is really ulu like 30-40yrs back punya Malaysia. No street light, old building, a lot of samseng berkeliaran there, scary lo. Then we saw a haunted sign everywhere in that area which is a lady in black showing a silence sign. Just for our curiosity, we asked Maria what is that sign for. She said is a place like hostel but not meant for sleeping only (Smart smart la hah, know what she trying to say la hah).
So next time you see this sign, is up to you to go in or leave the place. Heeee… But Makati City is totally much more modern like what we have in KL even though is just next to Manila. Another nice place to hang out in Makati is Bay Walk. In there, there are a lot of local famous live bands having their concert near by the seaside. Oh ya, Maria did bought us Filipino famous food called “Balot” which is unborn duck egg. Dare not to try at all, even when open that time already feel want to vomit. Wonder how come Filipino like it so much. Ok time to bed. –end-

06 April 2006

Went for breakfast in PesoUno restaurant in hotel then departs to meet Globe people in Mandaluyong city (Commercial city) at 0945 (Hotel Taxi Fare = 500P because is out of Makati, if is within Makati is 165P). Around 1200 the driver fetched us to Barrio Fiesta for local food.

We ordered Sinalab (Sizzling seafood platter), Sigang (Pork Sour Sup), Seafood Butter Rice, Adobong Kangkong (Siu Yuk fried Bayam) and gulaman sago (local drink). The Sinalab is decorated with cute seaweed look like transparent green grapes. After that of course need to work again la, so we went to meet lawyer Jimenez in Legaspi village, Makati at 1430.Surprisingly we finish early at 1545, so we have an excellent spa massage in The Oriental SPA for 90 minutes that cost us 3000P per person. Is super tupper expensive and going to eat bread liao when back to KL. The spa package including body scrub with chocolate and coconut follow by body massage with essential oil. This time I really go for “whole body” massage, no more shy shy. Akekekeke…
Dinnertime we picked Masas in GreenBelt that recommended by Maria. Liquor in Manila is cheaper than in KL. So I ordered one cocktail called frozen kamikaze, taste so so only but able to make you pening pening ler. Full already we rush to get dry mango as at Landmark but unfortunately all shopping mall close at 9 o’clock. So we back to hotel with empty hand tonight. Hope to get it tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is time to back to Malaysia after meeting SMART people, no more time to explore Makati City in Manila. But basically nothing much you can do here except shopping. Everywhere is stuffy, air and sound pollution, a lot of Chinese restaurant here, Korean karaoke and strict security as you go anywhere also need to being check even in shopping mall, every taxi want to enter to hotel lobby also need to check car boot. They have one special small bus called “Jeepney”, you may see most of the gal wear same pearl earrings, all taxi driver are F1 drivers here, damn scary & their car also tampal sini, tampal sana. One last thing is, I think they like bee one lo, most of their shops also ade bee one.

07 April 2006

Ai… how come every time I overseas sure got something funny happen in Airport one. Last time is could not meet my friend in Bangkok airport and now is nearly miss the plane back to Malaysia. We reached airport at 1450 and our plane will leave at 1520. 30 minutes left and MAS counter already closed. Not able to check in & we seek help from the officer there, they all very kind & rush here and there to make sure we get into the plane. All the way we just run to this counter that counter and terminal by cutting people queue. Damn cemas. Actually is the officer there make us cemas if not we won’t run.

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那一天,我为他精心制作了美丽的位子,把他安置好后, 引来同事们的好奇心,纷纷前来问好。有他的陪伴,自然而然我就开心起来了。




2006年重逢时( 栽种时只有一片就快枯萎的叶)

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Power of 3

Wei all uncles & aunties... what so fun to tag people la:(.... & why 4.. can i change to 3 because i damn pantang one... haha.. for those who kena tagged by me hoh, easier abit, instead of 4 u only need to vomit out 3. Ok let's start.

4 jobs you've had in your life:
FunFair - last time use to have Fun Fair at wangsa square area (last time there is a empty place ma). So my first job was a worker at one of the ping pong ball counter (neh there was steel net & let u throw in ping pong ball one leh, if went thru the hole u got one packet drink). Dun play play, after few days worked there, police jotted down all our underage workers name & reported to our school teacher said that we involved in gambling (13/14 yrs old saje at that time, police said fun fair is one type of gamble). So apa lagi, kena scold gao gao from head master & discipline teacher la:(.

TARC - As temporary assistant(TA) in bursary department during F5 & F6 (waiting for result). Need to do simple account, data entry for student's vehicle details, filling and fees payment. What i like the most is FRIDAY, because we can have long hour lunch. But after working in TARC, i promise myself not to enter this college because i know alot of bad things in there, but i did apply after F6 as back up...takut cannot enter UNI ma... hahaha.:D

JAYA JUSCO - While waiting for F6 result also, work as ELBA promoter, after sales time work as BONIA UOMO promoter. What a tiring job, need to stand there for 8 - 10 hours. Siao one meh:(. Luckily the supervisor also there good la, let me sit in the store room if not many customer, hee...

MACROKIOSK - Hey this is my first job after graduation till now. I start as Multimedia designer. After almost a year, i changed to technology development as engineer. After working as engineer for 2 and a half year i think, I changed again to regional business development as a consultant. Geng leh! Dun think that everytime i change dept, my salary will increase, the answer is NO and my salary now also not as high as u all:).

4 movies you could watch over and over:
Madacasgar - emm, not purposely watch over and over. I watched it in cinema once, but sometimes my family watch VCD at home ma. Today mama watch, tml papa watch & the next day brother watch, then end up i watch multiple time lo:D.

Dark Water - Hmm this one i watched twice. First time i watched with famili at home, second time because friends suggested to go for movie then i ma go lo, when reached cinema all said wanna watch "Dark Water", then wat can i do??? Then ma "siong cheh (naik kereta)" liao lo.

魔法阿妈 - This is a taiwanese animation. Damn funny & nice to watch. Is talking about ghost month. My fren recommend to me, i also recommend to famili member. If you have not watched it, please get it NOW!

Never Ending Story - this is another nice movie. What i can remember about this story is the flying dog:). Whoever have this movie, please rent to me ok:D. Feel to watch it again la:).

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:

绿墙薇 - Emm, recently show at TV8 at 8.30pm. I think finished liao la on last friday.
最后之舞- Korean drama show at NTV7 9.30pm.
横行八道 - Nice show is talking about lifestyle in small village & how they survive in earning money.
纪录片(Documentary) - As long as is talk about animal then i will watch:).

4 places you've lived:

PJ Kampung Dalam - I was staying there since age 5 - 8. Recently went back for the first time after i left for almost 20 yrs, surprisingly i still manage to get there & found my little wooden house.
Wangsa Maju Sec1 - I like to stay there even is small. This place is very convinient to everywhere. There is lrt station, bus to KL, walking distance to eat place & shopping center. Damn syiok.
Bangi - Stayed there during UNI time, i wish i still staying there because can enjoy my life there. No worries, everyday happy day, everynite also yum cha with all my lovely friends. What a wonderful life.
Prima Setapak - Hmm this is my current stay place. Nothing special, everything seems ok but how come i need to take bus to reach LRT station:(. This is what i dun like.

4 places you've been vacation to:
Hmmm... my vacation all local one leh... sidan la, taruk saje
Redang Island - Went there with a group of friends. Clear water, colorful fishy, fine sands, attractive sceneries. Will visit there again in coming JULY :).
Bangkok - Just like "dragonfly dip water 蜻蜓点水", too rush for me to explore. But i know if i have chance to there again, i definately will go jatujak market again. You can get whatever u like over there.
Kuantan - telok cempedak, cherating, curry puff, water fall, turtle, hainan coffee, keropok ikan... these are the must go or eat in kuantan.
Langkawi - Went there twice, nothing much to see & eat. I just know can get alot of cheap wine, chocolate & cigar saje.

4 places you would rather be:
Home - If no one kacao me:D.
Disco - Good place for me to exercise.
Beach - Relaxing my mind.
mamak - Place to update myself.

4 of your favourite food:
sweetcorn - Corn in cup/ cameron sweet corn, yummy.

ice cream - I wonder how can a person dun like ice cream one, cannot imagine.
芋头扣肉 (Yam with pork) - i like mama cook one, outside one still can't compete.
花生烧肉骨粥 (peanut with xiu yok bone porridge) - only papa masak one is the best, wah now also feel hungry liao.

4 websites you visit daily:
google - find info ma.

froggie-paradise blog - nowadays will always come in & see anyone put in comment or not. At the same time, visit ohters also la.
hey, u think boss pay u to visit website one ah. So that's all i visit. Guai-leh.:D

4 tagged:
Kancil (cause she has not put on hers)
poonsterx (sorry la hah, since u have no idea what to write. What u need to do is, just follow la:))

wei no more people for me to tag liao. Itu saje la. I wanna ooi ooi liao. Dun wan siao with u all liao. Oh no, how come i write power of 4 instead of 3 as i said earlier on. Hmmm.. i think is because i sleepy liao. nite nite frenz.