Saturday, March 25, 2006


Froggie Clock from my bro

2010 - Froggie air freshener from Daiso by myself

Froggie wrist rest from alvin's colleague

20100821 - Froggie cup with froggie tea spoon by vinvin from Hello Planet, Sg Wang

20100821 - Froggie bottle by vinvin from Hello Planet, Sg Wang

Floating froggie from Daiso by myself

20100831 - Froggie piggy bank from my eldest sister as my bday gift:)

20090214 - Froggie Kite as one of the valentine's gift by vinvin

20090609 - Froggie toothpick container from Hanoi by myself

20091225 - Froggie Solar Swing by aili as X'mas gift

20090831 - Froggie Box by vinvin as bday gift

2009 - Froggie mini light

2009 - Froggie giant sticker by yoyo from China

Froggie stamp chop from SAKAE by vinvin

Froggie wooden clip from Lee Yee

Froggie earing from yeekin.

Keropi keychain

Froggie keychain

2009 - Froggie cellophane tape holder from 6th bro

2008 - Froggie Origami from lusoo as bday gift

2008 - Froggie Origami from mamanda as bday gift

2010 - Froggie baby socks bought from flea market the curve by vinvin

20080831 - Froggie bday card by vinvin from SG

Froggie wrapping paper bought from ampang park by myself

Froggie handphone accessories

20090609 - Froggie umbrella from Hanoi by myself

2009 - Froggie fridge magnet from sister in law from HK

Froggie garden decor from DAISO, Ikano by myself

2009 - Froggie cutlery set from SAKAE SUSHI by myself

2009 - Froggie handphone holder by myself

20080912 - Froggie wooden decor from Bali by vinvin

2009 - Froggie Calendar by myself

Froggie garden decor from DAISO, Ikano by myself

20100719 - Froggie air ballon from wangsa maju sec 1 nite market by vinvin

20091225 - Froggie wrapping paper by poonster as X'mas gift wrapper

20091225 - Froggie carpet by Lusoo as X'mas gift

20091225 - Froggie DIY X'mas card from aili

20091225 - Froggie magnet from aili as X'mas gift

20091225 - Froggie keychain from waicici as X'mas gift

20091225 - Froggie mini dustbin from waicici as X'mas gift

2009 - Froggie fan cover from DAISO, Ikano by vinvin

2009 - Froggie cutter board from DAISO, Ikano by vinvin

2009 - Froggie glove from DAISO, Ikano by vinvin

20090831 - Froggie stopper from yoyo as bday gift

2009 - Froggie sponge from DAISO, Ikano by vinvin

2009 - DIY froggie paper toys from Taiwan by lee yee ^^

20090818 - Froggie giant coin box from sister as bday gift

20090818 - Froggie USB fan from vin vin.

20090104 - Froggie Mini Storage Box from myself at Juscon shopping mall

20081224 - Froggie Container from Agnest as X'mas gift.

20081224 - Froggie hanger from Amanda as X'mas gift.

200808 - Froggie wallpaper from vin vin.

20080831 - Froggie Height Measure Meter by amanda as bday gift.

20080831 - Froggie photo frame by yoyo as bday gift.

20080831 - Froggie keyboard sticker by shaun as bday gift.

200808 - Froggie lamp by hong kia and joey as my wedding souvenir.

200808 - Froggie bookmark by hong kia and joey as wedding souvenir.

200807 - Froggie sticker (豆豆蛙) by myself.

20080721 - Froggie Puppet from SG by vinvin.

20080630 - Froggie Sand Beg from Thailand by Shaunie

20080803 - Froggie Padlock from Central Market by vinvin.

20080723 - Froggie Fan & Magnet from Thailand by amanda.

2008 - Froggie Casing with Froggie Eraser by amanda.

20080802 - Froggie Mini Radio from Pagoh, Johor by uncle.

20080603 - Froggie Calculator from Action City, The Garden by vinvin

20080524 - Froggie Garden Decor from MV by vinvin.

20080425 - Froggie "Pelambung" floating in wine glass from Hokaido by Lee Yee:D.

20061118 - Froggie letter from Isetan KLCC by myself.

20080422 - Froggie mini pillow from SG by vinvin.

20080416 - DIY froggie statue by myself using i-clay.

20071224 - froggie stopper from Jenny as Xmas Gift.

20080329 - froggie clip cum fridge magnet from CCK Living Cabin by myself.

20071221 - Group of froggie "bu dao weng" from amanda, she was my angel in gift exchange. (Xmas Gift)

2007 - froggie stress release toy from flea market, The Curve by vinvin.

2007 - froggie jelly glass decor from The Curve by myself.

20061225 - froggie squeezer from poon poon as xmas gift.

2008 - try to transform green glass bead to froggie.

2008 - second try on transfroming green glass bead to froggie.

20080330 - froggie coin pouch from a shop next to skating in Sunway Pyramid by myself.

20080330 - froggie shoes from a shop next to skating in Sunway Pyramid by myself.

2007 - froggie eraser in froggie casing from the weld stationary shop by myself.

2007 - froggie mask from teo (Xmas gift)

20071211 - Just decorate the dragon egg casing with froggie statue by myself.

2007 - froggie sticker from prima setapak stationary shop by myself.

2007 - froggie hand towel from Jusco by myself.

20070309 - froggie towel hanger from SG 2 dollar shop by vinvin.

2008 - froggie massager from Action City in The Garden by myself.

2007 - froggie handphone holder from One-U Action City by vinvin.
20080210 - Fatty froggie drawing is my art work on a card envelope.

2006 - froggie dustbin from SG by vinvin. (New year gift)

2007 - froggie version of "Say no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" from Indonesia craft center by myself.

2007 - froggie DIY shoes from wangsa maju Jusco by myself.

20070113 - froggie wind wheel from Jonker street, Melaka by myself.

20070831 - froggie home decoration sticker from amanda. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070924 - froggie toiletries from amanda as my welcome gift.

20080329 - froggie cloth hanger from living cabin, Petaling Street by myself.

2007 - froggie sand pic from amanda.

2007 - froggie GIANT paper clip without eyeballs :-s from amanda.

2007 - froggie wood clip from Melaka by jenny.

2007 - froggie stapler from SG by winnee.

200707 - froggie card in red and green from SG by vinvin.

2007 - froggie bookmark from yoyo.

200707 - froggie card holder from SG by vinvin.

200707 - froggie spec holder from SG by vinvin.

20070603 - froggie on brands bottle, bought it from flea market in bangsar shopping complex by myself.

2007 - cheap froggie sticker from S&J Jusco by myself.

2007 - froggie key/ coin pouch from SG.Wang by myself during lunch.

20070831 - froggie memo clip from SG by vinvin. (bday gift)

200612 - froggie touch light from SG by vinvin. (New Year Gift)

20070918 - froggie phone accessories from China by joosah (left) and aili (right)

2006 - froggie phone accessories from SG by vinvin. (New Year Gift)

2007 - froggie pensel from amanda but dunno for wat purpose liao hee.

2007 - froggie "fu" for good luck from Genting Ban Dai machine by myself.

20080323 - froggie toothbrush casing from The Curve by myself.

20070831 - black froggie card, froggie clip on top (from amanda) and little froggie crocs shoe's accessories at the bottom from SG by vinvin. (Bday gift)

20070831 - froggie famili statue from poon poon. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - Keroro bean toy from aili. (Bday gift)

20070831 - froggie bank with luckly stars. This kind of patience job definately is from yoyo. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie wrapper, I think next time I just follow amanda to go shopping la then I can add more item to my collection. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie fan, from tera amanda again. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie sticker, of course from amanda the great frog finder. Haha... (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie notepad from Amanda lo, dunno where she found all these hmmm... (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie chopstick, Amanda last "JONG BAN" heee... so I have 2 also:D. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie album, Amanda "JONG BAN" again, she got me something I have;) but this one is full of memories. Thank you. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie gift box from blur amanda again so I have 2 now:p. (Bday & farewell gift)

20070831 - froggie pencil holder from blur amanda make me have 2 of it now haha...(bday and farewell gift)

20070831 - msn froggie phone accessories from so poh amanda as bday gift cum farewell gift.

20070831 - Keroro wind up toys from lovely amanda as my birthday gift cum farewell gift.

20070831 - froggie wind up toys from lovely amanda as my birthday gift cum farewell gift.

20070818 - Keroro and friends in action. Try my luck at one of the BAN DAI machine in one of the game shop at sg wang during setapakian gathering with my gang of friends. We try 5 times and 4 out of 5 are different designs haha. The repeat one with my friend - LAI.

20070504 - Keroro and friends "puppet" from Taiwan by Selina.

20080227 - froggie craft punch from KLCC Kinokuniya by myself.

2006 - froggie postcard from ikea by myself

2006 - froggie folder from art attack in one-Utama

2006 - froggie wrapper from one of the jewellery shop in ampang park during lunch hour by myself

2006 - froggie plaster not sure whether or not from myself..kaka.

2006 - froggie pen dunno from where by myself;).

2006 - froggie statue (big) from yoyo (bday gift). Small one from teo.

2006 - froggie sticker from Jusco stationary department by vinvin.

200610 - froggie soft toys with expression. All together are 6 but I only able to get 2 from penang by myself.

2006 - froggie card holder, I bought from a gift stall in Mid Valley.

20060904 - froggie birthday card by poon poon.

2006 - froggie box, I bought from borders, Times Square.

2006 - froggie swimmer, bought from ikano by vinvin.

2006 - froggie earing, I bought from Times Square.

2002 - froggie farewell card done by me to all my lovely UNI mate with lovely notes in final year. (back)

2002 - froggie farewell card done by me to all my lovely UNI mate with lovely notes in final year. (front)

20060830 - froggie massager from vinvin. (birthday gift)

20060909 - froggie soft toy bought from Genting Highland by teo.

2006 - froggie chopstick from sogo by 2nd sis.

2006 - froggie tissue from winnee.

20060710 - froggie key chain from Thailand by yoyo.

20060830 - froggie magnet from vinvin. (birthday gift)

20060904 - froggie container with alot of little froggies inside from amanda. (birthday gift)

2006 - froggie "bu dao weng", bought from ikano by vinvin.

20060826 - froggie pin, I bought from a accessories booth in Times Square.

200512 - froggie on top of monk head, I bought from living cabin sunway while buying syuen's bro wedding gift material.

200512 - froggie soft toys key chain. (X'mas gift)
20060825 - froggie pvc toys, froggie pvc phone holder and crazy frog key chain from yoyo. (birthday gift)

20060921 - froggie famili set key chain, I bought from Nu Lycie Sdn Bhd in Petaling Street.

20060721 - froggie in retro car (try my luck in Ban Dai machine at Sg wang)
20060904 - froggie in scooter from amanda (birthday gift)

200607 - froggie clip bought from One-U

200607 - froggie bank bought from One-U by vinvin

200607 - froggie keychain bought from The Curve flea market by vinvin.

200606 - froggie cup bought from The Curve flea market.

200606 - froggie mirror bought from The Curve flea market.

200606 - froggie drawing from my niece

20060419 - froggie keychain bought from Watson in Central Mall, Chiang Mai

20060419 - froggie key chain bought from Chiang Mai Nite Bazaar

2006 - froggie carpet from sis2

2006 - froggie carpet from vinvin (valentine gift)

2004 - froggie T-shirt, I bought from Jatujak market, Bangkok (Business Trip)

froggie ashtray

2005 - Pengalas bentuk katak untuk benda panas, I bought from HomeDecor2005, Mid Valley

2005 - froggie beg, I bought from petaling street

2003 - froggie mouse pad from kancil (bday gift)

2006 - pureen froggie watch from vinvin, bought from watson

2005 - froggie boaster & handphone cover from my 2nd sis (bday gift)

2004 - froggie curtain, I bought from Living Cabin, Mid Valley.

2005 - froggie phone accessory, I bought from Living Cabin, Sunway Pyramid

2005 - froggie cup, I bought from aquaria, KLCC

2003 - froggie wrapping paper from kancil gift

UNI Time - froggie candy from mummy (ting)

2005 - froggie sticker bought from KLCC kinokuniya by vinvin

2005 - froggie pensel holder, I bought from stationary shop at Jalan Genting Kelang

Uni Time - froggie statue, I bought from The Mines

2005 - froggie magnet from joosah (bday gift)

2005 - froggie toys from yuki (Thai x-colleague)


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